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RELAX!! STOP trying to be Supermom…Just be the BEST Mom YOU could be!


STOP trying to be Supermom Just be the BEST Mom YOU could be

As a mother, instructional coach, professional development trainer and author, finding time is always a challenge. I constantly remind myself of my priorities in life and what truly makes me happy. My major struggle is trying to be Supermom and being there for my children in every possible way. But, my children do not need a Supermom; they only want a mother who loves them, spends time with them, and is there for them when they need her. So stop trying to do the impossible, because no body in real life can ever achieve the Supermom status in its absolute sense. You are already a Super Fantastic Phenomenal mom for your little treasures. That’s all that matters, right?

So these TIPS should help you
RELAX, STOP trying to be supermom, and just be the BEST mom you could be!

1.Empower, not control…give them choices.

2.Show & express your love, but do not smother…give them some space.

3.Spend quality time…chat, laugh and play together.

4.Actively listen to their concerns…no matter how minor they are.

5.Hug, kiss & cuddle…it’s therapeutic.

6.Go out together…even if it’s for ice-cream in your PJs.

7.Remind them of Manners & Expected Behaviors…praise when they follow them.

8.Be there for their school, sports, or music events…they want you to be proud of them.

9.Show interest in what they like to do…their generation is different than yours, so learn about it.

10.STOP what you are doing and just BE WITH THEM!


If you want more details, tips or tricks, let me know by emailing me, commenting below, or reading my book: ‘The COMPLETE Model for Positive Behavior Management’.

Remember to stop trying to be supermom and just be the best mom you could be!

Enjoy Motherhood!